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- Areas of Research -
Dissertations done under him:

Ph.D. Dissertations

John Dilip Chakkanat:
"The Role of Public Action as Catalytic Action:
A Model for the Church.”

Margaret  Stevens:
"The Impact of Religio-cultural Myths on the Dalit Women of Rural Tamilnadu”.

Mathew George Kariapuram
"The Impact of Salesian Education on the Santals of Murshidabad Dt."

Ugini Fatima Mary:
“The Contribution of Anthony De Mello to Christian Spirituality and Its Impact.”

Jose Thathrathil:
“The Potta Phenomenon [the largest retreat centre in the world, in Kerala, India, with 8,000 to 12,000 persons making spiritual retreats every week]: A  Socio‑religious Study”.

Malhia Joshua: 
“Contemporary Debates  in Medical Ethics”

Pavul Raj.
“Catholic Religious in India today: A Psycho-social Inquiry.”

Johny K. K.
“The Impact of Religious Belief and Practices on Depression in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients.”

“The Practice of Education in Catholic Colleges in Kerala and Its Impact on the Values of the Students"


M.Phil. (pre‑doctoral) theses:

John Dilip Chakkanat
“Of God and Mammon: J. C. Kumarappa’s Economic Theories.” 

Mathew George
"Tribal Hermeneutics for a Contextual Theology." 

Sam Victor
“Experience of Self and Experience of God according to Karl Rahner.” 

R. Kulandaisamy
“Post-Conciliar Trends in Mariology.” 

Malhia Joshua
“The Spirituality of Henri J. M. Nouwen”

“The Adolescents of Chennai and Their Faith Formation”

Joseph Muthuplackel
“Indian Trends in Eco-Spirituality”

“Women’s Liberation through  Education: The Educational Vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny”

Sunny M.
“Inter-religious Dialogue through Literature: A Study of Prof. Devassia’s Mahakavyam on Jesus.”

Terence Mukhia
“The Origin and Development of  Catholicism in Darjeeling”


M. A. Dissertations:

Lizzy Mathew
“Women Religious in India and the Quest for Meaning.”

Elizabeth Majella:
“Child Sexual Abuse:  Prevalence, Effects and Treatment, with Special Reference to the Indian Situation.”

Philomina Joseph:
“Women’s Empowerment  as Seen in the Anti-Liquor Agitation in Andhra Pradesh